Trip Insurance?


Hunts are often booked many months in advance and your spot will be guaranteed.  In addition to the cost of the hunt you will have purchased license and tags and possibly airline tickets and a rental car, all adding up to a great deal of expense.  Many of these expenses if not all, are non-refundable if something comes up at the last minute to cause a cancelation of the trip.  Personal health or other personal reasons along with wilderness conditions are just some of the reasons that a trip may be canceled.  Also baggage can be lost or delayed and that can affect your entire trip.  Storm Creek Outfitters will do everything with in our power to eliminate or minimize these problems but many things are just out of our control. 

For this reason Storm Creek Outfitters HIGHLY recommends that you purchase trip insurance.

Travell insurance is designed to cover the times when things go wrong and problems arise.  It can provide the following benefits and coverage:

  • Trip Cancellation:  This travel benefit will protect you against unforeseen events outside of your control that result in your trip being cancelled. The insurance will reimburse you for the non-refundable cost of the trip that you have already paid for. These events may include things such as a severe sickness, injury, flight cancellation due to severe weather, natural disaster, traffic accident while en route, etc

  • Trip Interruption:  Similar to trip cancellation, trip interruption protects you after you have already left on your trip. It covers the cost of your return trip and non-refundable trip payments in case of unforeseen covered event. This typically includes an event outside of your control such as a death or sickness of a family member, strike, bankruptcy, etc.

  • Trip Delay:  If case you are delayed en route to or from you trip for a certain amount of time, the trip delay benefit will reimburse you for expenses such as accommodations and transportation so that you’ll be able to rejoin your scheduled trip.

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation: We operate in the wilderness and in the event of an emergency you would likely use life-flight to Missoula, Seattle, or Salt Lake City.These can be very expensive and it is a good idea to make sure this cost is covered.

  • Cancel for Any Reason:  Typically found as an optional add-on in a trip cancellation policy. While the standard trip cancellation benefit only covers you in case of specified uncontrollable events, adding the Cancel for Any Reason benefit allows you to be reimbursed for a cancelled trip outside of the listed reasons on the policy.

  • Lost, stolen, delayed or damaged baggage, personal effects or travel documents:  If your luggage is lost, stolen or damaged while traveling, travel insurance can help. Your homeowner’s policy may cover only a portion of the total loss due to coinsurance and deductible requirements.

  • Medical and Dental insurance:  Ensure you're covered if you see a doctor or dentist for a medical emergency while traveling. Your personal medical healthcare policy may offer limited coverage or none at all if using an out-of-network doctor.

  • Rental Car Coverage

  • Concierge: to help find doctors, help arrange accommodations, contact your family or other assistance while traveling or in case of emergency.

  • Many other benefits and coverages

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Note: Coverage varies with different insurance policies and companies - please review your policy details and know what is and is not covered for your policy