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Bear and Wolf Hunts


We hunt bears and wolves in the Selway and Frank Church Wilderness, Idaho’s Hunting Unit 17.  This is a two bear and five wolf area with non-resident tags only $41.75 and $31.75 each.  This gives you an incredible opportunity to hunt two of North America’s largest predators at the same time. Our bears average over 50% color phase (blond, brown, black and cinnamon) and hunters have an excellent opportunity to harvest the unique trophy of a lifetime. This is a great hunt for bow hunters and Jr. Hunters.  Our bear hunts are offered in spring . We hunt wolves incidentally over bait and use electronic and voice calls. There may also be some oppertunities for spot and stalk hunting.

The Selway is spectacular country and can also enjoy great photo opportunities.   Very few people get an opportunity to visit and take in the grandeur.  Along with an amazing display of wildflowers you can expect to see bears, deer, elk, moose, martin, and occasionally sheep and goats

Base Camp Hunts

We offer drive to base camp hunting at the most comfortable camps in the wilderness.  You’ll stay in heated wall tents and enjoy great meals. This is a great hunt to bring Jr. Hunters or others you want to introduce to hunting. Storm Creek offers 50% off for Jr. Mentor Hunters  We hunt from camp with 4 wheel drive vehicles and many of the  baits are easy walking distance from the vehicle. After Breakfast you can stay in camp and relax in the mornings or accompany the guides while baiting and have an opportunity for some spot and stalk hunting.   After a great mid-day meal you will be guided to your bait and hunt until dark.   After the hunt we will return to camp to enjoy a hearty evening meal and share the day’s adventures. 

Back Country Hunts

For those who are more adventurous, guides will pack you in on horses and mules to some back country areas far from the road. You will have opportunities to hunt bears that have had little to no contact with humans.  These hunts are more strenuous than the base camp hunts.  You will ride to and from most baits, and the ride back will probably be in the dark. Part of the backcountry adventure is experiencing camp life while surrounded by the beauty all around you.  The camps are simple yet comfortable.  The tents are warm, the food is awesome. If you are looking for a wilderness experience and a great hunt…… this is it!

We Throw In The Wolf Hunting

The opportunity to hunt North America’s super predator is limited to a very few sportsmen.  Wolves are beautiful, extremely smart and crafty, making them one of, if not the toughest animal to hunt in North America.   Wolves will occasionally come into bear baits offering you an opportunity to harvest one.  We can also use electronic and voice calls.  If you like to predator hunt this is a great day time activity before you go out to the baits in the evening.

Hunting Logistics

In Idaho you must use fixed broadheads for all bow hunting. All food, lodging, trophy prep and guides are furnished.  Airport pick up is available from Missoula.

We charge a $500.00 Trophy fee for the second bear.

All the wolves are on us.

2017 Pricing

Length Camp Per Hunter Dates

Prices are per hunter. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to book hunts