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Combo Hunts: Elk & Deer with Bear, Wolf and Lion

Combo Hunts: Elk & Deer with Bear, Wolf and Lion

In the Selway Wilderness

Idaho’s Unit 17 offers some of the finest elk hunting anywhere in the Rocky Mountains.  It is one of the few remaining places where you are allowed to rifle hunt for bugling elk early season.  Along with elk and deer it’s open season for wolf, mountain lion and black bear.  WE HAVE GUARENTEED OUTFITTER TAGS.  No drawing, no lottery, no hassles.

About Storm Creek

We are a family run outfit that specializes in outstanding personalized service.  We consider our guides the best in the business and most of them have worked for us for years.  We run our fully guided hunts from either a base camp or from remote backcountry pack-in camps. These hunts are designed to provide you with the best opportunity to connect with that big bull or buck.  We take pride having the finest camps, stock, crew and food in the backcountry. We limit the number of hunters we take to ensure each hunt is like opening day.


Our exclusive operating area is one of the largest in Idaho and is located inside the largest wilderness area in the lower 48.  It is some of the most beautiful, remote, rugged country you will ever experience.  We provide great mountain stock and guides that will do whatever it takes, but you need to be able to cover the country to be successful. 

We start the day early, have a great breakfast and ride out from camp on horses and mules, then go on foot to get to the best hunting spots.  When that big bull bugles we want you in the right spot!  Our average shot for elk last year was less than 100 yards. 

After your trophy is down, the field processing, caping and trophy preparation will be taken care of by your guide.  After hunting each day you will  arrive back at camp for a great dinner and relaxation where you can share your stories of the day with the other hunters.  This is true western wilderness hunting at its finest. 

We offer one hunter per guide (1 on 1 hunts), or two hunters per guide (2 on 1 hunts).  2 on 1 hunts are always from the same party. We can accommodate non-hunters at an additional cost.

This is a combination hunt and once you have your elk and deer we will go after anything else you have tags for. We can hunt for bears, and we especially like to call wolves and coyotes.   There are no additional costs or trophy fees.  We just love to hunt.

Pack in Backcountry Hunts

If you are in good shape, like to ride and want to get completely off the grid these hunts are for you.  You will meet us at our drive to base camp and stay the first night.  Then the next morning you and your guide will be packed into one of our remote camps where you will enjoy 6 full days of hunting before being packed out the last day.  Your camp is rustic but comfortable with wood stoves, comfortable beds, shower facilities and a kitchen tent where you can relax, swap lies with other hunters and enjoy great food.  We hunt in the wilderness and many of the animals you will see may not have encountered a human before.

Base Camp Hunts:

If you don’t want to be packed into a back country camp but still want to experience wilderness horseback hunting from a camp with all the amenities our base camp hunts are for you. You will stay in a deluxe camp and ride out from camp each day to hunt with your guide.  The camp is at the “end of the road” and even though you may not be packed in to the backcountry you will still be hunting in very remote country with typically little hunting pressure.  You arrive at our base camp the afternoon of the first day, hunt for 7 full days and then leave after a great breakfast on the last day.                              

2017 Guided Hunt Pricing

Hunt Dates 1 on 1 2 on 1

Prices are per hunter. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to book hunts.


Storm Creek Outfitters will pack you, your hunting buddies and your gear on horseback and mules to one of our remote back country camps.  This is an outstanding hunt for the experienced back country hunter

Our camps are well furnished with tents, cots, chairs, wood heating stoves, large propane cooking stove, a complete kitchen box and all the other gear to make you self-sufficient in the wilderness.

You arrive at our base camp the evening before we pack you in.  Once there, we will go over maps and have a thorough orientation of the area and camps.  We’ll pack up most of your gear that evening and then sit down to a great dinner.  Breakfast is served first thing in the morning before we pack you in and we send lunch with you.

Once your trophy is on the ground, you are responsible for field dressing and caping the animal and getting the quarters to a location we can get the pack mules to.  Our packers will take the meat and pack it back to base camp where it will be hung and ready for you when we pack you out.

We provide radios so you are in communication with base camp. You can call us to come pack your meat back to base camp or address any issues that may come up.

 We have Guaranteed Outfitter Tags.  No drawing, no lottery, no hassles.

Drop camp hunts are not for everyone,  but if you are an experienced elk hunter and are comfortable in remote backcountry locations this hunt is a lot of fun for a group of friends and family.


Items furnished for Drop Camps

• 2 – 12’X14’ tents for 3 people or more.
• 1 - Wood fired heating stove for each tent
• 1 - Propane cooking stove with large propane bottle
• 1 Lantern per tent
• Propane cylinders for lanterns or batteries for electric lanterns
• 1 - Kitchen Cupboard with all necessary cooking and eating utensils
• 1 - Kitchen table
• 1 – Chair for each hunter
• 1 – Radio setup to talk to Base Camp
• 1 - Sleeping Cot for each hunter
• 1 - Sleeping pad for each hunter
• 1 - Portable Toilet
• 1 - Bow Saw
• 1 - Axe
• 1 - Shovel
• 1 – Broom
• 1 – Drinking water pouch.

2017 Drop Camp Prices

Hunt 3 Hunters 4-5 Hunters Hunt Dates

Prices are per hunter. A non refundable 25% deposit is required to book hunts.