Snowmobile Adventures

     Winter in the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness is one of the most beautiful times of year. The frost along the river transforms the sceney into a sureal winter wonderland. Wildlife settles in at lower elevations this time of year and it is not unusual to see a deer, elk, moose or sheep. This is the largest and most rugged wilderness in the lower 48 states.

Day Trips

Our ONE DAY EXCURSION on snowmobiles is lead by an experienced guide and begins with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate as we fit you with the proper size helmet and give you a safety and instructional demo. We head up the Magruder Corridor toward the Idaho / Montana boarder. It is about a 25 mile ride from the trailhead to our base camp in Idaho. Along the way is a series of meadows and flats where your guide can give you individual instruction and opportunity to become more familiar with your machine and “play” in the snow. Continuing on, the ride over the top of the pass is beautiful with spectacular views of the Bitterroot Range and Castle Rock Mt. then winds down through Idaho to our base camp to warm up in our well appointed kitchen tent and enjoy a hot lunch. Afternoon activities include, snowshoeing, relaxing in the surroundings or exploring the Magruder Corridor and Ranger Station before our return trip.

The Day Trip includes:

Overnight Adventures

The OVERNIGHT ADVENTURE will be the highlight of your winter! It’s as much fun as the ONE DAY EXCURSION….only more. Instead of returning home in the evening you’ll have time to further explore the wilderness by snowmobile. Wine and cheese will whet your appetite for a hearty backcountry dinner with home baked breads and dessert. After dinner experience a snowshoe stroll or night ride to witness a starlit sky or experience the soul piercing peace only the wilderness can offer. Sleeping accommodations are cozy well appointed cabin tents with wood floors and heated by woodstoves.

One of the finer things in life is to sleep in; lying in a cozy sleeping bag in a warm tent while the fire in the kitchen tent crackles and the smell of fresh coffee drifts your way. “Breakfast is served” is your call to a new day. The sun has come up over the rocky canyon walls bringing warmth to the canyon trail and illuminating a winter wonder land. There are often numerous tracks and wildlife to observe. It is hard to describe the beauty of this country in winter and very few people are lucky enough to see it firsthand. Activities for the day could include a winter survival class, exploring the wilderness by snowshoe or “saddling up” our machines and heading further into the wild. We end up back at camp at lunch time. We warm up, have a great lunch and load up for the trip back over the pass. We’ll arrive back at the trailhead where our adventure ends.

The Overnight Adventure includes:


Call now for details and rates, the latest snow conditions and reservations, or to make arrangements to bring your own sled.

snomobiling Idaho's wilderness
snomobiling Idaho's wilderness
snomobiling Idaho's wilderness
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