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Standing at the summit looking back over the purple lupine, orange Indian paintbrush and tufts of bear grass your heart skips a beat. The ascent to the view is a steady incline but it’s the view that’s breathtaking not the hike because we shoulder the load for you. Actually it’s our mules that do the packing. Our guided progressive trekking tours are like a backpacking trip without all the work. The Mules have carried your tent, sleeping bag, a cot and food ahead of you. You hike with a guide and enjoy the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness which has much to offer in dramatic scenery and history. Your guide will enhance your journey with local history as you follow the Nez Perce Indian trail and enlighten you with their knowledge of flora and fauna. When you reach your destination each day an inviting camp will be waiting for you, your tent pitched, a cot for your sleeping bag and the smell of dinner cooking, no backpacking food. Our trekking adventure allows for an unhurried way to experience nature’s wonders up close on foot.

Trekking packages are $400 per person per day. Group discounts available.  Call today to reserve a custom package.